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I always thought the term ‘March Madness’ had to do with the insanity of spring’s arrival. But no, it has to do with basketball. But I still associate it with my poor brain and the chemicals going haywire. One day I’m bouncing off the walls with joy and happiness, and so much energy with too many ideas and not knowing what to do first— so there I sit paralyzed with choice; and the next day being unable to sleep the night before, dragging myself around depressed by the dirty snowbanks.

Just give me equilibrium please. Patterns of sleep and mental thoughts stabilizing. This happens every year yet confounds me.

I came across an article that means so much to me I want to share it. I have a family member related to me by marriage and it doesn’t matter that I mention who, just that we interact a great deal and no matter how hard I seem to try, we butt heads and hurt each other deeply. This article came when I needed to hear it. It’s not about her, and all the traits I think she is lacking, and how much she hurts me, and on, and on and on. It is about me. Only I can change me. I’m the only one who controls me. (Or do I?) I react in ways I’m not proud of, nor am even aware of it till long past the event. So I work at it.

The only thing you ever need to know. 

One thought on “MARCH MADNESS

  1. Really good article thanks for sharing the link!

    It’s hard to get to that place where we feel like we have full control ourselves. I have a long way to go but just the edge of realisation has nudged me lately; showing me that I can or not allow things to affect me deeply that I can stop a particular train of thought that I can just let the negativity flow through and out of me!I know I was so used to blaming everything around me and this was made easier by the fact that I had a horrible childhood because then I did indeed have a great excuse. But the abuse is over, I am safe and I can choose now to hurt myself or not and I can choose my reactions. Its scary, unfamiliar but also empowering and exciting!

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