Canoe ride anyone? Some winters we put the canoe in the creek and use oars as icebreakers. Not this winter. The snow is  so deep snowshoes are needed to walk down the meadow to the creek. Happy brain chemicals are bouncing around in my head! If I had 30 year old knees I’d bounce like Tigger.

I feel the fall coming as early as August, down in mood and spirit, my sleep extremely interrupted, waking at 3am or earlier unable to get back to sleep; flipping the channels and hoping for a short doze or two before light comes and I can get up and tiredly live my day. The winter solstice arrived with a glimmer of hope, the shortest day meant that every day after was longer, even if only a minute or two.

But now, even with deep snow, spring is almost here. I can feel it in my bones, the earth awakening, almost… We put the clocks ahead last night. I’m looking for robins. For green. 



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