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Too often while performing daily tasks my mind speeds past the task to the end before arriving. What about ‘now’, I come back to the moment, and see my hand reach for the coffee beans, freshly ground, pouring them into the press pot, smelling the rich aroma.

Even now, years later, after so much meditation, my poor mind wants to move ahead of me. The moment of living is now. I see my hand, and all parts of me are there in that moment. And these are the moments that make up my life, not the destination, but the journey of each moment upon the next. So much beauty in each one, even the painful ones.

5 thoughts on “SPEEDING PAST ‘NOW’

  1. Very moving post. I really have to learn much more to stay in the now. There is so much beauty in my life. Instead of aching and trying to find purpose I could just focus on the beauty that is my life. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. I can relate to this feeling. Too often I find myself impatient and racing ahead to the destination rather than enjoying the journey. There is a restlessness deep inside that won’t be stilled. I am always thinking ahead to what next and I do, do, do instead of just BE!


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