feb1 268 (2014_10_09 17_58_23 UTC)

I went for a walk in knee deep snow in the meadow, one lap not my usual five. My heart began pumping as I trudged through the drifts. The soft depths looked so inviting I dropped down into it looking up to the sky; the blue, blue sky and noises of a snow-blower in the distance echoed. Our resident vulture circled me once giving up; too much life. But what if today was the day I dropped down in the snow dead. I know I won’t live to 91 as my mother did. I have my father’s genes. He died at 45, a brother at 51, both from a heart attack.

Am I ok if it this were my time? I have lived the good fight. If I were to go back I could not have tried harder or done different or better. I am ok with what I have done and accomplished and I forgive myself for the rest.

I like the idea of living each day as if it were the last, because we don’t know, it might be.


6 thoughts on “LIVE EACH DAY as if it WERE YOUR LAST

  1. I agree. The #1 killer in my family has been cancer – I keep getting most of my screenings done (don’t want that colonoscopy though), but I don’t know if or when the MS is going to weaken me to the point where I can no longer breathe on my own. (Perish that thought!)


  2. I like your posts. I too have feel I have lived a full life and if I dropped dead tomorrow I would have known what it was like to feel safe, to love and to be loved. I feel the beauty of these gifts every day despite the challenges I face every day. My life is complete.

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  3. I wanted to cry when I saw that image. It so beautifully represents the fragility and wonder of life. How wonderful to be at peace with the time you have spent here… It must make every minute more seem like a gift. Thanks for the opportunity to slow down and really think about what life means.

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