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Alice at Falling Down the Rabbit Hole has honored me as a nominee for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award.’ Thank you Alice, you made my January a bit brighter! Taking me on your journey through your posts has inspired me, and if I could I would nominate you right back.

I’m including Alice’s kind comments:

Patricia, at grace to survive. Her story is so poignant, and inspiring. She gives me hope of what it means to accept ugly things in our lives, and that it is possible to grow and heal and move on.

My three nominees who have inspired me, all three strong and brave:

Telling Heavy Secrets

Thoughts From a Still Mind

Jeanine Thriver

Answers to the 7 questions are as follows:

1-Favorite public figure?

Our president. He keeps his cool when others would not.

2-What do I like most?

Wow, open-ended. Sipping coffee in the morning by the fire with the cat at my feet writing or reading. (not the cat, me!)

3-Do I follow trends?

I notice trends but don’t usually emulate.

4-Anger directed at me?

I shrink. And feel scared. Sometimes I get angry right back.

5-What have I loved most?

Besides my sons and husband, my horse and other pets.


At the same time I confronted my past, all elementary schools in the state had just been mandated to teach sexual abuse prevention to children on a yearly basis. I worked with both elementary school nurses and principals to help develop the new program.

7-What quality I admire most?

Character (integrity, honesty)  

The rules are to display the awards on your blog, to answer 7 questions (below), and to nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers. Have fun with it.

Who is your favorite public figure?
What do you like most?
Do you follow trends?
What do you do when someone gets angry?
What have you loved most?
Do you have causes?
What quality do you admire most?



    1. You are this truly sweet spirit who works so hard. It’s not fair, the traumatic burdens of childhood that some of us have to deal with. Yet when we come of age, it’s up to each individual to face, manage and hopefully overcome those challenges, no matter how horrific.
      And you do, step by painful step.

      It’s satisfying to watch your hard work pay off, and a honor to be or feel a part of it, and that you share your journey.
      If I helped in any way, or helped to brighten your path, all the better! Thank you for saying that… : )

      Liked by 1 person

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