A life Whole.


Then made Whole


I want to thank Jane, who spent an enjoyable afternoon with her crafts,

and Samantha Jane, a very talented artist,  for the inspiration to get back into my studio. The piece above has been sitting unfinished since spring and now is finally complete.

I am ready to start another project. The tiles are rolled out by hand with a giant rolling pin, glazed then baked in my kiln. I smash them with a hammer reconfiguring the pieces into something beautiful.



11 thoughts on “MOSAIC

  1. gorgeous piece! did I read that correctly that you make your own tiles? that is so cool. I had never thought of that… 🙂
    I’m glad you are back in the studio. Art can be a great outlet, and as Jane wrote in her blog, a way to find peace and calm again.
    also, thank you for the wonderful compliment ❤


    1. Yup! I roll out clay.
      I’ve been following you for a long while, so the compliment is really the truth. You are talented and passionate.
      Peace and calm do come in my little space. Time goes by easily and pleasantly. The added bonus in winter is that it’s the only south window so on the few sunny days I get that warmth and brightness too.
      Thank you for visiting…


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