Thank you CeCe Leskova for nominating me!

1. What is your favorite song and why?

You’ve Got A Friend, because now I’m learning to be one (to myself).

2. If you could spend the day invisible, what would you do?

Well, my first thought was that if I were invisible I’d be able to float like a ghost and pop in places without driving. If that’s the case, I’d float around where my friend works just to see how she manages so well because being out in the workplace has always been difficult for me trying to deal with so many personalities. I’d also like to see where my husband works and all the people he comes home with stories about. He gets along better with differing personalities than I do too.

3. Do you meditate?

Yes, I try to everyday for ½ hr. I lay flat on my back in bed with Kitty purring on my tummy. I set the timer. When I skip a day I feel it. My anxiety creeps in quickly.

4.Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Both, but cats are easier and don’t have to be walked. So Molly is our ‘baby’. She follows us around as if she is a puppy and runs to door to greet my husband when he comes home.

5.Do you like reading? If so, which is your favorite genre?

Love autobiographies, or used to. Now that I’ve written my own, not so much. But it is what sustained me for many years, reading how others overcame great adversity and came out the other side victorious.

6.What’s one thing that makes you happy?

Sitting by the creek in the Adirondack chair listening to the rustle of leaves and birds chirping.

7.Are you a big morning eater or do you prefer to have something light when you wake up?

I’m a big eater PERIOD. I’m still learning to listen to my body and REAL hunger cues instead of eating for every emotion I don’t want to feel.

8.Favorite sport? (either to play or watch)

My favorite sport to do was horseback riding. Sold my horse 10 years ago. Love watching ballet and more so, women’s figure skating.

9.What is your favorite fashion era? (20’s, 60’s, etc)

When did blue jeans arrive? I’ve graduated to sweat pants.

10.If you were an animal, which one would you be?

A cat. They can laze in the sun and not feel guilty about it and still stay in shape.

11.Are you the type to eat the cherry on top first or last?

Yuck, maraschino cherries. They are only good in a Rum and Coke.


Create a Liebster post, and include:

-A thank-you and a link to the blogger who nominated you

-Answers to the 11 questions asked by your nominator

-Choose other bloggers to nominate and list them in the post (they must have under 1000 followers)

-Make a list of 11 new questions for your nominees to answer

-List the rules on your Liebster post

-Go to your nominees’ blogs and let them know! Comment on a post of theirs, and make sure to put a link back to your Liebster post.

Here are my 11 questions, and at this time, two nominees whose content shows courage, strength and depth along with a superb writing ability that captivates and excels.

1-What motivated you to start a blog?

2-Did you previously write? Where & when?

3-What are your favorite past-times?

4-Do you have a partner, children or a pet?

5-Are you a tea, coffee or milk drinker when you first wake up in the morning?

6-What is your favorite time of day?

7-Do you feel that blogging is worth your time and as satisfying as you’d like it to be?

8-What is your favorite form of exercise?

9-What or where is your favorite vacation?

10-Do you enjoy cooking?

11-If you could name one favorite book what would it be? Ok, if that’s a bit difficult, how about a list of 3 top favorites?



Not everybody has the time to do this, so no worries!


3 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. Congratulations! I love reading all the fun facts that come to light from these awards! I happen to love the cherries, though, lol!


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