Picture 059  You wouldn’t think being ‘nice’ to yourself is a full-time job. Show kindness. To me? That’s ok? Seems as though one would be born to look after oneself, put themselves first, above all others, it’s called survival. And if you come through childhood intact, you do that…naturally. But many of us don’t. I didn’t. I hear voices clanging in my head every minute, every second. And who are those voices? A disapproving teacher, mother, brother, friend of brother, neighbor, cousin, friend? Oh there are many. I can’t decipher one from another just that they are not loving- or ‘nice’.

So it’s work, but how delightful as each day I discover anew (when I remember to counteract what has become familiar, those mean voices now mine), it’s ok to show myself kindness. A daily discovery, a goldmine. I’ve been told many times I’m ‘sweet’. That might translate to ‘doormat’. Of course I want to please you so you don’t hurt me. So where is that ‘sweetness’ for me?

Be kind, to me. How hard can that be? It’s a full-time job.


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