Picture 115 I don’t know why some people are more affected by the seasons than others, but I always have been throughout adulthood, some winters worse than others. Of course where you live plays a part and I live in northeast America. And not until the last few years did I begin to notice that it affects me much earlier than I realized. August? Really?

Well, that’s not so hard to believe I guess. After all, many types of birds are already gathering, swooping, chirping in the hedgerow then making their get-away. Maybe I should too. My sleep, after months of enjoying mostly eight hour nights, is interrupted. 2am I wake, more than once. No way to still my mind.

And I could take something, but then the next day I feel groggy. So I do dishes, make a pot of decaf, tell the cat, “No, it’s not time for your breakfast”, and I know I’m not going back to sleep. I hope my brain on less light adapts so I can sleep again.

I suppose I can get out the full spectrum light and begin using it. Not sure it’s helpful, feels more like torture to wake and stick my face in such bright light. So I wait for an hour and a few cups of coffee before turning it on while watching the morning news. Not sure what else to do but go with it best I can.



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